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Our work frequently employs textiles as computational devices to generate structural forms. The design of the T-Stool originates from an interest in the form of the traditional Chinese ceramic tea stool. These stools are based upon a hollow vessel, often cylindrical in form, which is strong in compression. more
Heap Tiles

If the shift from arts and crafts to mass production was fueled in part by a desire to make things faster, more consistent and in greater quantities, what impacts will ecology and conservation have on production? How will our effort to design with low-embodied energies actively transform architecture and aesthetics? more

How does the morphology of sintered ceramic affect sound? Soundscape seeks to develop an architectural object from the art of roughness and the interactions of space, material and sound. This design research is based upon the extrapolation of the analog material behaviors that were developed in the production of the Heap Tiles and their unique morphology. more
Museum of Underwater Antiquities

The focus of this international design competition is the urban redevelopment of the Port of Piraeus and the adaptive re-use of an existing concrete cereal silo. Rather than conserving the existing building our proposal transforms the interior of the concrete silo into a post-industrial terrain that doubles as ‘sea bed’. more
  Museum of Underwater Antiquities
Giant’s Causeway Visitor Center

This project addresses the idea of a composite structural system. It began in response to a competition for a new Visitors Center at the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland in 2005. The causeway is a rock out cropping that extends into the sea, consisting of six, seven and eight sided, Basalt columns. more
  Giants Causeway
Flabella II

Flabella II is our first press molded ceramic prototype. The design was conceived at the scale of furniture so that it would be possible to understand the impact that large scale pieces have on the ceramic process. more

In 2011 Specific Objects, was invited by WORKshop Gallery, to develop a contemporary work in response to the traditional hand-made silk embroideries of the Suzhou school. In response to the charge of the exhibition we produced a digital embroidery employing over 650,000 stitches, and 13 colors. more

  Orbigraphia (Via Dirt, MIT Press, 2012)
The Orbigraphia is a reflection on architectural drawing as framework for thinking and sensing. The drawings emerge in opposition to the role of drawing as a mechanism for productivity while looking for ways to redirect the speed and complexity of our tools in the exploration of the subsensible. downoad pdf

The Sensation of Deep & Crytpic Models: The Widmanstätten Pattern (306090, Vol 11, 2008)
The practice of architecture requires a variety of dimensional, anthropological, economic, cultural and technological models as means by which to manage diverse forms of information. Architecture is not alone in this regard; production in the fine arts, painting, film and literature, among others, all require unique techniques and methods for substantiating complex work. This is particularly true in the arena of computation. download pdf

  Emerging Practices: Material Matters
Idea Exchange Design at Riverside, Curated by Ila Berman, University of Waterloo,
Cambridge, Ontario Canada, September 28-November 8, 2015.

Data Clay: Digital Strategies for Parsing the Earth
Museum of Craft and Design, Flabella and T-Stool, Invited group show, San Francisco,
Jan 17 - April 19, 2015.

Digital Machines and Creative Production
Temple University, Philadelphia, October-November 2014.

Cluj International Ceramics Biennale
Large T-Stool and Heap Tiles, Cluj, Romania, October 2013.

Pratt Institute Faculty Development Fund
T-Stool Ceramic prototypes, Schafler Gallery, June 13 - Sep, 2012.

Pratt ID Faculty Show
T-Stool process models, Schafler Gallery, Jan 26 - March 7, 2012.

OBJECT Rotterdam
Contemporary Design Fair, Invited solo exhibition, T-Stool, The Netherlands, Feb 8 - 12, 2012.

Suzhou Fast Forward
Moraine, WorkShop Gallery Toronto, Canada, Invited group show, Oct 11 - Feb 2012.

Ambience 11
Where Art & Technology Meet Design, T-Stool, Juried, Boras, Sweden, Nov 26 - Nov 30, 2011.

EKWC Final Presentation
Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, Solo show, August 9, 2011.

Newark Visitor Center
Finalist, Online Gallery, Juried group show, October 2009.

Project 4
Washington, DC, 2007, “Useless“ exhibition, Invited group show.

The University of the Arts
Philadelphia, PA, 2001. UArts Faculty Work: 2001 Show.

New York, NY, 1998. Display and sale of seating design at the ‘Functional Art’ show.

Van Alen Institute
New York, NY, 1997. Entry selected for the Paris Prize Exhibition entitled
‘A Temporary Cultural Exchange for Wall Street’.